Dragon Portable X-ray Training with 14 x 17 DR Panel

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The Dragon Portable X-ray System offers the flexibility of a portable system with large wheels, while having the power of a full size system. In this article/video we have a full overview of how to take your first x-ray with the Dragon Portable.

Dragon Portable X-ray:


Patient Image 14 x 17 DR panel:


Beginning with how to maneuver the system, we show you how to lock and unlock the wheels. How to extend the neck of the machine. How to adjust the calumniator to take the perfect exposure of a patient without having a full dedicated room. We show you how to turn on and use the DR panel you have chosen to work with the system. We show you how to work the PC that will come with your system as well.

Logging into your laptop for the first time: https://support.mavenimaging.com/support/solutions/articles/70000100134-logging-into-laptop

DRTECH 14x17 panel startup guide:


DRTECH panel configurations:


We then move on to our software, Voyance from Medicatech. You can learn more about the Voyance software HERE. We teach you how to open the software, log in with a username and password, or use the EMERGENCY system to take an image immediately without having to enter any information at all. We cover adding patients into the system before, during or after the exposure of the patient. We teach you how to store, find and manipulate your images within the software. We show you how you can use our toolsets to take a variety of measurements within the software. Another small list of items include, notating, rotation, tagging, inverting, measuring angles, distances, thicknesses, etc. We have included a collection of specialized tools for different practices as well.

How to acquire an x-ray:


How to export images in Voyance:


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