PC and DR Tech 14 x 17 Wireless DR panel startup Guide

Power on the laptop


When it gets to the Windows login screen, use these credentials: 

  • User ID: Xray

  • Password: admin

The Laptop is configured to directly connect once the DR panel is on and the green LINK light is flashing. This may take up to 2 minutes. 

Turn on the DR panel

DR Tech Buttons 2_.png
Press the power button on and a Green Light will appear. Press and Hold the Power button right side only

DR Tech Buttons 3_.png

A. Wireless Antenna: Transmit image date to Patient Image PC or Laptop

B. Battery Pack

C. Status Indicators

Power: Show power on/off status of the detector

Ready: Show data communication status and ready status of the detector

          Light ON: Detector is ready

          Light OFF: Detector is busy

          Link: Show detector’s registration and connection status

          AP: Lamp indicating the WIRED/Wireless Mode

D. Display button: Use to Change the OLED screen

E. AP Button: Can select different wireless connection options for the DR panel detector

Connection option: Wireless use AP/Wireless using the Detector’s internal AP/Portable Mode   ( DO NOT TOUCH OR CHANGE)

F.  Power Button: Turn DR panel on/ off

G. Connector: Power supply through a USB Type-C cable or power adaptor

H. Debugging Cover

I. WPCS Window: Wireless Charging RX Window


**Simultaneous blinking of LED lamps indicates a system error


Now launch the Patient Image software by double clicking the icon on the desktop:

Patient Image ICON.JPG
Click on the log in button  (there is no password)

Patient Image Login.JPG

Make sure the DR panel is connected to the laptop.  

From the work list screen, you will see the status of the wireless DR panel in the pictures below:

Wake Up.PNG
When you click the Emergency or New Study buttons, the panel will turn / Wake up. You will see the DRTECH signal at bottom. (ready state)

Select the body part, position the patient and press the trigger button to take an image:

DR Tech Panel Ready.PNG


The picture below also shows the status of the DR panel from the acquisition (computer) screen


PZ Panel panel status.jpg

The wireless DR panel is connected as seen below:

DR Tech Panel Ready.PNG

Battery Low Indicator


When the battery is low it’s time to connect the Charger cable to the panel


Battery Level.PNG


There are two ways to Charge Battery: 


Connect the cable and Power supply to the DR panel directly.

Direct Connect power.png


Or just replace the battery with an already charged battery


To EXIT or Log out Just click on the Patient Image Logo on the left bottom side of screen


Patient Image exit.png



Do’s and Don’ts: 

  • Do not hit or drop the equipment.

  • The product may be damaged if it receives a strong jolt. Using a damaged detector without repair may result in fire or electric shock. 


  • Do not spill liquid or Chemical onto the equipment. Especially in the case that the patient is injured, which requires the equipment to come in contact with blood or body fluids, protect the equipment with a disposable cover as necessary. 


  • Turn OFF the power to each piece of equipment for safety when not being used.


  • Handle the equipment carefully


  • Do not submerge the DR panel in water


  • Be sure to use the detector on a flat surface to ensure that the detector is not bended.  Otherwise, the internal image sensor may be damaged. Be sure to securely hold the detector while using it in upright position.  Otherwise, the detector may fall over, resulting in personal injury, or may flip over, resulting in damage to the inner components of the DR panel.


  • DO NOT PLACE EXECESSIVE WEIGHT ON THE DETECTOR.   Otherwise, the internal image sensor may be damaged. Weight bearing protective covers for the DR panel are available for purchase if needed. Please contact your sales representative at Maven Imaging for pricing. 


  • When cleaning the DR panel detector, be sure to turn OFF the power and unplug the power cord from the side panel.   Do not use alcohol, benzene, thinner or and any other flammable cleaning agents.  


Additional details for the DR module:



To test if the DR module is correctly connecting to the computer. From the command prompt on the PC ping If you get no ping, it is not connected correctly.


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