Image Modification Tools

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Soft and Hard - These are used as presets to better see soft tissue vs. bone and cartilage.

Sharpness - This slider will enhance the edges of the exposure.

Contrast - Contrast will increase the darkness of blacks and increase the lightness of whites.

Brightness - This controls the overall white content of the image taken.

Grid Settings - These help you adjust the direction the software processing focuses on, Vertical for spine, Horizontal for rib, etc.

Process - This button is grayed out by default, once you uncheck Auto, it will then appear. This is used to process all settings at once, instead of changing the image every time you adjust a setting.

Spline vs. Linear - Graphical setting to adjust the hardness of the contrast line, Spline presets the line to gradually increase, linear increases immediately. (Example to the right)


Invert - This will invert the colors of the entire image.

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